How much does stamped concrete cost?

There's no question that we all want to feel good when we step out onto our back patio or lanai. After all, we are usually heading out there to share time with family and friends with good food and drinks to have fun and enjoy ourselves. That's why it's important to have a patio that you can be proud of, one that looks great rather than all cracked, stained, chipped, and broken. Many homeowners choose to upgrade their patio with a very affordable solution, concrete stamping . When considering an upgrade to your patio with concrete stamping, the cost can be a very important factor.No matter what kind of patio you have now, from the very simple concrete square that holds a small dining patio set to a very elaborate poolside deck with levels, concrete stamping can be the most affordable option. There are 3 tiers of pricing that a homeowner should consider before selecting their designs. First, a small job would consist of choosing only one color of concrete and one pattern of stamping. This should cost around $8-$12 per square foot to install. If you are considering a medium investment and would rather have a more complex design, then medium-priced stamped concrete includes more choices in terms of colors and stamping patterns, however limited. Think of a red brick border with a tan tile interior.If you are interested in unlimited choices of concrete colors as well as patterns, then your project could cost you from $18 and up per square foot. The third and most expensive tier usually includes more complex designs in which specialty scoring or hand-applied detail is required.

No matter what you choose for the concrete stamping technique for your patio, any upgrade from the plain gray cement slab will make your time spent on your patio so much more enjoyable.

And while you're at it, consider a new concrete driveway , or adding a stamped concrete driveway effect to your existing driveway. Your local concrete contractor can help you with many of your specific needs from pouring a new foundation to concrete stamping.